BBQ Grill Cleaning and Restoration

We will come to your home or place of business and perform a multipoint safety and mechanical inspection of your BBQ Grill. Once the inspection is complete we will protect the immediate work area from any “flying cleaning debris”. It doesn’t REALLY FLY! We do go out of our way to protect your property from grease and grime.

It really is a nasty, dirty job.

We will make any repairs and adjustments that can be made without additional parts at that time of cleaning. Examples: Clearing burner ports, battery replacement for igniters, proper airflow, etc.

We break down your grill and vapor steam or soak the removable parts the vapor steam the body of the grill. Once everything is as clean as it can get, we put it all back together. Then we finish up the cleaning process by applying our double top secret water-based polishing compound that will help protect the body of the grill.

We clean up our mess and ensure that your property looks just as good as when we arrived.

Taah Daaaaah! Job Done!

Inspections & Consultations


We can come to your home and give your gas grill a thorough going over to ensure that is it working properly and safely. This is very important for those that have just bought a new house and don’t know the true condition of their new grill, or have a grill that has been sitting for a long time and it’s now time to start using it again.


We will come to your house and give you a lesson in the proper and safe operation of your gas grill. If you aren’t familiar with your new appliance, this service could literally be a life saver, not to mention you get some really boss cooking tips.

BBQ Grill Repair

If your grill is having mechanical or safety issues we can get it going again. We provide service calls for troubleshooting and fixing anything that can be fixed with minor adjustments. If parts are required we put together a quote for the parts and additional labor for your approval and then get you back up and running A.S.A.P.


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